MAPS – Safe routes to school thanks to digital planning

Whether city, municipality, school or daycare center – a safe route for children is the goal of everyone involved. MAPS (mobility assistant for planning schoolways) – our digital school route planner can be easily integrated into your website and used by children and parents. The designated routes take into account danger zones and accident blackspots and are always up to date. Municipalities and institutions are fulfilling their obligation to secure routes in terms of school mobility management.

The most important features at a glance


Calculation and display of individually safer routes to school

Risk information

Detailed presentation of existing hazard reports and accident information


Individualization of school route instructions for recommendations and warnings


Permanent updating of risks based on current data

School route maps increase road safety

Municipalities, cities and school authorities are obliged to ensure that school routes are safe. A school route plan is designed to help parents identify dangerous places and show them how to avoid dangers. This is because far too many of the most vulnerable road users are still involved in accidents: in 2022, there were almost 90,000 accidents on the way to and from school, with many children killed.

Are school route planners time-consuming to create?

If plans for school routes are available, they are often in analog form and therefore frequently outdated. Creating a plan is usually a complex process involving several phases: Initial phase, inventory and analysis, implementation, etc. A subsequent update does not usually take place.

Alternative: Digital school route planner

Modern tools such as MAPS take a different approach: an interactive map contains the nationwide accident data in detail, enriched by numerous other data such as danger spots reported by road users. A sophisticated routing algorithm calculates the safest possible individual route from the respective place of residence to the corresponding school. Parents and children can have their route on foot or by bike suggested and then adapt it based on their needs.

The MAPS School Routes Planner can be easily integrated by cities and municipalities or schools and other institutions on their own websites and then communicated to parents and children.

Steps towards your own digital school travel plan for your institution or municipality

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Direct use possible without preparatory work
  • Simple individual customization
  • Highly up-to-date thanks to always up-to-date data
  • Greater involvement of the school community through the option of marking danger areas on the map themselves
  • Effective communication with parents
  • Possibility of surveys within your own school community

The scope of functions in detail

The MAPS tool includes various functions that vary depending on the desired range of functions. In the following you will find a list of possible functions:

Survey of pupils and parents

  • Integration on the website of the city, school or
  • Appeal via schools, e.g. school care distribution list or as part of a traffic week
  • Reports on dangerous situations on school routes
  • Expandable reporting categories
  • Can be linked with additional survey or school travel app

Route recording via route to school app, website or heuristics

  • Recording the route actually traveled via app
  • Information about danger spots on the route that have been passed through
  • Upload request at the end of the journey, route is uploaded after confirmation for the municipal administration
  • Reporting of danger spots via app also possible
  • Recording via website
  • Heuristic determination of possible places of residence and school routes for schools without surveying pupils

Admin area

  • Display of registered jobs in the ranking
  • Filterable e.g. by danger to cyclists, obstructed view, speeding etc.
  • Automated analysis with police accident data
  • Quick identification of critical points possible
  • Removed danger spots can be deleted
  • Uploaded routes from parents or students can be displayed. Frequently overlapping routes are highlighted in color.
School route planning tool

Implementation and communication of official school travel plans

  • Tool for creating an official school route plan
  • Definition of recommended routes
  • Information e.g. on crossing aids or cycle paths possible via info markers
  • Save the final version and generate a pdf (if required)
  • Information to parents and pupils via schools and the press
  • Map as pdf or digital display of the official school route map possible in the portal subpage
  • Integrated routing function directs individual routes to the official school route recommendation as early as possible
  • Information from other parents’ danger reports can be displayed to provide further information on danger spots.
  • Constantly updated school routes thanks to online updating of hazard data in the background

Publication of the school route maps on

Take advantage of the option to publish the school routes, routing function and individualized information on the platform and save yourself IT expenses, maintenance and care work.

Trainings & Workshop (optional)

From online instruction in the system to individual training or PR workshops, the team is there to support you with its expertise as a partner.

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