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Our innovative tools and data sources form the basis for traffic planning, mobility concepts, traffic safety analyses, safe routings and much more.

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Initiative for Safer Roads

The “Initiative for Safer Roads” has been committed to the Vision Zero (no road fatalities or serious personal injury) since 2014. Our goal is to significantly increase road safety on our roads, in order to sustainably protect vulnerable road users in particular, and to promote the mobility transition. To this end, we have been developing innovative digital tools that collect, analyse and make meaningful use of various relevant datasets. Our agile team includes traffic experts, as well as app and website developers, data specialists and communication professionals. Learn more…

Mobility Urban Safety Intelligent Cloud (MUSIC)

The basis of our services is the Mobility Urban Safety Intelligent Cloud (MUSIC). Every day, we generate new data related to traffic situations on our roads. We combine this with safety-relevant data from numerous other sources, and perform extensive evaluations using scientifically proven methods. This includes, for example, accident data from the police, safety reports from road users, infrastructure data, safety-critical driving manoeuvres from vehicles or smartphones, etc. The Mobility Urban Safety Intelligent Cloud (MUSIC) brings all the data together and thus represents the foundation for further evaluation and analysis as “smart data”.

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Our solutions

Various digital road safety tools have already been derived from the findings. Depending on the specific needs and use case, these can be adapted and also integrated into individual mobility and smart city concepts – as a stand-alone app, embedded into other websites or via special interfaces. Please feel free to contact us with your specific needs and ideas. Please feel free to contact us with your wishes, needs and ideas.

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dangerspots.org (gefahrenstellen.de)

Germany’s citizen participation portal on road safety with the digital danger spot map. Through this platform, road users can be made aware of dangerous areas on their routes or report dangerous spots themselves, and thus actively contribute to road safety.

Use cases

  • Citizen participation for the mobility transition
  • Report/eliminate deficiencies
  • Safe routing
  • Communication portal
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drivometer app

The smart driving app for your bike. In addition to speedometer and tracking functions, this smartphone app offers a digital risk analysis of one’s own routes and warns of danger spots along the way. An extended range of functions is available for companies.

Use cases

  • Risk awareness for road users
  • Prevention of accidents when commuting to work
  • Safe routing
  • Communication portal
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Safer Mobility Analytics & Research Tool (SMART)

SMART Platform

Safer Mobility Analytics & Research Tool

The cloud-based web and analytics tool to enhance road safety for the public and private sector. The digital platform for municipalities, (police) authorities and companies offers a comprehensive database for delivering a sustainable mobility transition, e.g. for new cycling or mobility concepts, and enables proactive road safety work with the participation of citizens.

Use cases

  • Automated road safety analyses for traffic planning
  • Road safety commissions and public order office/citizen applications
  • The centralised and digital processing of enquiries regarding traffic matters
  • Communication portal
  • Proactive road safety work
  • and much more.
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schulwege.de (school routing)

The digital map for safer routes to school with routing function. Calculation of a route to school that is not only fast, but as safe as possible, based on extensive data on danger spots and accidents. Easy addition and updating of hazard information possible. Can be used free of charge by schools and day care centres within the “reasonable use policy”.

Use cases

  • Digital school route planning
  • Traffic education projects
  • Raising awareness of danger spots
  • Parent and school surveys
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Who we work with

  • Municipalities
  • Police Authorities
  • Ministries
  • Traffic planning/engineering offices
  • Schools
  • Automotive industry
  • Navigation providers
  • Insurance (vehicle telematics)
  • Associations / organizations
  • Road users
  • Digitisation companies
  • Scientific institutions

How we can work together

Would you like to promote the mobility transition in your region? Would you like to actively involve citizens, school children and parents in road safety work? Do you need traffic safety-related data and analysis to underpin your decision-making or planning processes? Or are you interested in our services and offers as a company or simply as a road user?

Then we would be delighted for you to get in touch with us! We offer you a wide range of opportunities for cooperation with which we can advance road safety together.

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Scientifically proven methods and recognised expertise

The relevance of the data and methodology applied, as well as their integration, analysis and tools are based on findings from many years of research work in cooperation with renowned partners from the science and transport sector, as well as with the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV). Furthermore, our approach has received various national and international recognition, such as the European Commission’s “Excellence in Road Safety Award” at the end of 2022.

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Excellence in Road Safety Award Winner 2022