The SMART platform for municipalities, authorities and companies

Our Safer Mobility Analytics & Research Tool (SMART) is a cloud-based web and analytics tool for improving road safety for the public and private sectors. Municipalities and other users benefit from extensive data material from the Mobility Urban Safety Intelligent Cloud (MUSIC), which – clearly prepared – offers direct added value for active road safety work on site. You work with exclusive data – depending on the service package booked, from basic functions to automated interfaces to or from internal municipal applications.

The most important features at a glance


Everything at a glance
Danger points, accidents, comments…


Extensive filters by road user,
Activity, hazard type….

Smart features

Hazard score

Risk level of road sections by hazard score and early indication

Citizens’ Dialogue

Interaction with citizens for hazard reporting and centralized management.

Analyze data automatically and detect hazards

Extensive filter options allow viewing and evaluation according to individual criteria: With just a few clicks, you can see where dangerous spots for cyclists are located, where the top 10 dangerous spots are, or where poor road conditions or speeding are the main cause of accidents, and much more.

Export possibilities as well as interfaces offer you optimal support for further own evaluations, for meetings or for the presentation e.g. of your own data. for the accident commissions.

The portal for citizen participation can, if desired, be easily integrated into the website of your municipality. In this way, citizens can also be called upon to actively participate in reporting danger spots.

The integration of a defect detector into the system is also possible on request.

SMART is supplemented by comprehensive online help for all areas. Individual components such as interfaces for your own connections, training courses and workshops, initial assessments by traffic experts through to complete traffic safety reports round off the range of services.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Commitment to greater road safety: Ensure that the public perceives your work positively (incl. seal of approval for active municipal road safety work)
  • Exclusive data: Recognize at an early stage through automatic data analysis in which areas action is required to increase road safety
  • Digitization: Central digital bundling of reports and images of danger spots combined with facts such as police accident data simplify internal efforts and processes
  • Individual evaluation: Filter e.g. By hazard potential or hazard types, export reports to support accident commission or planned transportation projects
  • Networking: Digitally share identified hot spots with other stakeholders inside and outside your organization.
  • Interface: data integration into municipal IT (GIS) systems possible
  • Citizen participation: Manage citizen input centrally and efficiently
  • Communication: Interact transparently with your community’s citizens and users of other Safe Streets Initiative applications.
  • Deficiency reporter: Portal can be used as a contact point for citizens to report defects (optional)

Award for active participation

All municipalities that use SMART receive the seal “We are active for safe streets” for free use on request, e.g. for the municipal website. In this way, you also show the outside world that you as a municipality are committed to greater safety in regional traffic. Nevertheless, it is of course also possible to use the portal purely internally within your organization.

The scope of functions in detail

The SMART Portal includes various functions that vary depending on the package booked. In the following you will find a list of possible functions:

Hazard score

Benefit from the unique hazard score, which shows a concrete risk indication of the individual areas down to street / intersection level for the road network of your municipality. The SMART – early indicator enables algorithm-based predictions of potential new accident locations.

Extensive filter functions

All received hazard reports can be filtered with respect to available characteristics. These include: Time of report, type of threat, threat to whom, number of supporters, activity level, comments, general circumstances and many more.

Hazard messages

Dangerous situations in road traffic reported by road users. Structured query categories allows filtering by topics such as visual obstructions, speeding, parking violations, etc.

Accident data

Individual accidents can be displayed and filtered on the map. Additional information that complies with data protection regulations can be retrieved for each accident.

Activity level

Identify special needs for action early using our aggregated activity level, which evaluates citizen* interactions on individual hazard reports for you.

Integration into your municipal offer

Integrate an individualized hazard map directly into your municipality’s website and bundle the receipt of citizen*s reports on a central, digital platform. Accompany targeted traffic infrastructure measures and generate data-based foundations for decision-making processes.

Seal for active communities

Use our seal for active municipalities in road safety work to communicate internally and externally: demonstrate your commitment, actively involve citizens and make the streets of your municipality a little safer.

Statistics Dashboard

Get at-a-glance information on messages received and characteristics to identify trends and danger areas early.

Hazard management (optional)

Manage and edit hazard points received. Assign work assignments to agents, coordinate internally with colleagues via the tool and inform external agencies (e.g. civil engineering office, green space office) about hazardous areas (incl. dialog ticketing).

Civil dialogue (optional)

Enter into a dialog with citizens about danger spots from within the portal. Respond to requests centrally and take advantage of the cloud to digitize your municipal transport infrastructure processes.

School mobility management (optional)

Use of the portal for targeted collection of danger reports on routes to school. Survey of students and parents. Integration of the digital school route planner

Defect reporting functionality (optional)

At the same time, you can use the portal as an integrated defect reporter for the municipal concerns of your citizens.

Interfaces / APIs (optional)

Integrate seamlessly into your digital infrastructure and exchange data with existing systems via standardized interfaces.

Trainings & Workshop (optional)

From online instruction in the system to individual training or PR workshops, the team is there to support you with its expertise as a partner.

Interested? We are also happy to answer your questions personally at 0228 – 76 38 69 00