How digital hazard data helps to optimize winter road and cycle path maintenance

Every year, winter is just around the corner. In times of climate change, it is now often somewhat milder, but still regularly with icy temperatures, accompanied by frozen roads and/or snow. This means that the gritting vehicles from bonnorange, which carry out the winter service on behalf of the city of Bonn, are deployed. Where … Read more

Recognize danger spots for cyclists earlier and defuse them before serious accidents occur

Bicycles, and e-bikes in particular, are becoming increasingly popular in Germany. According to the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband e.V., the number of bicycles and e-bikes has grown by an impressive 11.8 million since 2012. That’s good for the climate. After all, switching to climate-friendly two-wheelers for commuting to work, school or for leisure reduces harmful emissions and promotes … Read more