About us

Since our founding, we have been passionate about making roads safer and improving transportation in all cities and communities. We aim to promote road safety awareness, reduce road accidents and protect the lives of all road users.

Our vision

Our goal, in line with Vision Zero, is to create cities and communities, but also rural regions, where all citizens can move safely on the roads. Together with the population and actors in road safety work, we want to create an environment in which pedestrians, cyclists, eScooters, motorcycles and car drivers are equally protected and behave respectfully towards each other.

Our mission

The mission of the Safe Streets Initiative is to reduce traffic accidents and raise awareness of the importance of road safety. We want to promote a culture of responsibility and respect among all road users. We are committed to this in various areas:

  1. Traffic research: We develop digital tools, collect traffic data as well as numerous other corresponding data and utilize them in comprehensive analyses in cooperation with other traffic experts. From this, we generate various road safety tools. The findings from these studies help our partners to develop and implement targeted preventive measures.
  2. Partnerships: We develop tools and cooperate with municipalities, local authorities, companies, universities and other organizations to work together on improving road safety as also called for in the BMDV’s Road Safety Pact (“Safe mobility – everyone takes responsibility, everyone joins in”). Through these partnerships, we can achieve a greater impact and concretely help to make road safety work more successful and purposeful at various levels.
  3. Public relations: We use targeted information campaigns and other measures to raise public awareness of road safety. We encourage responsible behavior and show how every individual can contribute to making road traffic safer, and likewise what local authorities and companies can do.

Our values & our drive

Commitment, responsibility and cooperation form the foundation of our work, as does sustainability. We work every day to increase safety on German roads. Our responsibility is to make a lasting and positive impact on the community. Promoting a safe traffic culture requires the cooperation and commitment of every individual – whether as an engaged citizen or as an employee in a company or municipality.

As is so often the case, our drive stems from personal experiences and adventures. Learning how dangerous different situations on the road can be, for oneself and especially for children, led us to found the Safe Streets Initiative. With the motivation to make the world a better place, we fight every day for more safety and togetherness on the streets.

Our team

Our innovative, small family business is based in the beautiful federal city of Bonn on the Rhine. Our team includes experts in data analysis, traffic concepts, project management, programming and app development as well as business development and communication. All employees are united not only by a high level of expertise in their respective fields, but also by a commitment to Vision Zero. Because it should not remain a vision – together with all stakeholders in road safety work, the Safe Roads Initiative wants to take concrete steps every day towards more safety on the roads.

Contact us

Would you like to learn more about our work or get actively involved? We look forward to hearing from you:

Phone: 0 228 – 76 38 69 00
E-mail: kontakt@sichere-strassen.org